Thursday, March 10, 2011

Unlearning the Myths Tha Bind Us by Christensen (Argument)

Christensen argues that today’s society, especially young children, is subconsciously living their lives and forming their aspirations around the false reality created by the media. While this can come from various books, magazine, movies and/or television shows, the most influential media outlets are those created for young children. This is because they have yet to acquire that “intellectual armor”. They see or read stories of fairy-tales and fantasies and think that that’s how life is supposed to be and when that doesn’t happen, they are genuinely disappointed. Boys are upset when they cant compete with the bulging muscles of Hercules or Gaston and girls wait around in their pretty dresses waiting around for their prince to come. Though many people would rather deny that the stereotypes, racism, sexism and “forced” conformity exist in the media that their young child, or they themselves, may be watching, it is best to be aware of this and know what is going on. Be aware of it but better yet analyze it. Debate it. Argue it. Inform others about what you learn. But whatever you do don’t ignore it because then you’re just adding fuel to the fire. Whatever you do, you can make a difference. **I've included some videos that relate to her argument**

Example of sexism and what girls end up feeling they need to be as they grow up:

Another sexism example but depicting male dominance and strength:

Example of racism in Disney:

Another example of male dominance as well as stereotypes of different body shapes:


  1. I really enjoyed your videos. The third one down was great but it was a bit fast, I kept having to pause it. I completely agree with you that it is best to be aware and discuss things rather than ignore them!

  2. I've seen the sexy, naughty, Disney video before and it always struck me as interesting how Disney portrayed their female characters.

  3. Same thing with heathers comment ive seen that video before and it bothers me how they can portray a female character in that way.