Friday, September 13, 2013

About Me Take Two :)

Hello everyone! So this is my blog that I used in FNED 346... figured I would just continue with the same one haha. So this is my fourth year at RIC but I am not graduating this year. I was en route in the education/special education but after I had taken one social work class I was at a stand still because it was either I apply to Feinstein or I apply to the school of social work. Soooooo luckily I learned about this program shortly after that dilemma and figured it was a perfect fit for me :) I do not have any experience working in non profit programs but I have been around kids my entire life. I have always babysat, gone to work with my mom (who is a teacher) and spent time with my niece (she is my princess and my world- I love her so much...obv. she's the one in the picture with me) so they are my niche. I have also completed I believe 3 practicums and I just love going into it and how excited the kids are to learn and to see you and oh jeez! They're just so cute!! ANYWAYYYY.... So that is pretty much my experience with RIC and YD so far but I cannot wait to watch that list grow :)

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