Friday, November 15, 2013

Pensky and Wesch

**Reflection** When I first read this article, it was for another class and every time I read it, the article still has an impact on me. I think this article hit home for a few reasons. My younger sister and I are the "tech savvy ones". This is within our older siblings, our parents and our boss at work. We now both work in the office at the dining center and the minute our boss got a promotion, we had to teach her everything.... and when I say everything I am not joking. We had to teach her even simple things like cut and paste, how to send an email, how to print was rough. And then when we go home on the weekends it is the same story with our mom. Luckily we do not have to teach her too much of the computer stuff but when it comes to texting or messaging of any kind- forget it! We had to explain the difference between smiley faces and winking faces. Then after we conquered the smiley debacle, it was the shortcuts and acronyms. I am thankful that she does not have a touch screen because God only knows what kinds of messages I would be getting throughout the day... -_-
She is getting better and so is our boss but i think of this article and video every time they reach a new crossroads haha. For example our boss will come downstairs and be so excited to tell us that she searched for, replied to and printed out an email..
Just makes me realize how easily these things come to us and how we are the "digital natives". We hold the magic conch so to say haha ;)

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