Friday, November 15, 2013

Powerpoint on YD

**Hyperlinks** I chose to do hyperlinks for this post because, for me at least, the powerpoint was easier to understand with other articles and videos that related to it. It was hard for me to grasp at first because I did not understand all of the terms within the power point but finding this article helped me to attain a better understanding of what the power point was trying to describe.... I liked this article because it went into the sub categories of risk factors, such as low parent involvement and/or witness to violent behavior, and protective factors, such as religion and/or a high GPA. The way that the article was organized helped me to kind of piece the categories together and understand the diagram on the power point on YD.
I thought this picture was a nice alternative to the diagram in the powerpoint.. I felt that it does a good job at displaying the information in an simpler yet more descriptive way. It shows that you have to have a balance between the risk factors and the protective factors in order to have effective prevention. I also liked the fact that the lists are displayed on a balance =)


  1. This seems like a nice entry into your philosophy of YD! Seems like you are drawn to thinking about risk factors and protective factors. I'm glad you found multiple ways/entries into this content!

  2. I thought this was an excellent diagram, easy to understand and with compelling information